søndag den 15. maj 2011

Easter, SVS-con 2011 and knee surgery ~

So it has been a while since I wrote a journal in here - sorry for that D: I've been busy about school and cosplays D:
But I had a wonderful Easter together with a lot of my friends and the days were filled with cosplay, prop making and practicing on our act xD
Here is some pictures:
As you can see we had a lot of fun, torturing Lavi and practicing our act behind the thing that was going to our book xD

 Poor, poor Lavi xD, Samie is evil <3        We are having so much fun. Here is our lovely group xD

But Easter also brought warmer weather and a small family party - not that big xD but I had to take care of my cousin's cute little dog (Samie hates him xD) Budda~ <3 He is so cute but a pain to take a picture of xD And after I had been running around trying to get a good picture he sat down on my feet and began to sleep and snore! xD stupid, cute little dog xD

 Here is my lovely tree outside my window, but sadly all the flowers are gone now D: So I'm glad I took a picture just in time so I could share this beauty with you guys~
And to the right is one of my good pictures of Budda xD

So finally svs-con arrived~ I already wrote a long journal on dA so I guess most of you have read it there but I can say it was a fantastic convention~ <3 I had so much fun and felt really relaxed despite a long roadtrip with stupid drivers (Not Lavi, she was execellent~ <3) but it was also great to see all my friends again and the cosplay competition was great~ I really loved Lavi and Lolo's Tangled act because they looked so much like the characters and they played them so well~ I also love Mona, Ida and Maru's Rozen Maiden act because their music were so great and the acting so.. so.. *w* wow~
And then I also loved Tati and Sille's Vocaloid act, there were a lot of dancing acts but their were kind of interesting and I also loved the music here~
I was also surprised that people liked out Beauty and the Beast so much and that we won two prices!
SVS Special and Best Act~ <3<3 Damn you Karina xD but I still love you - ore sexy~
I found two pictures of the costume I wore for the weekend, they don't belong to me but the photographers.
At Friday I was Hermione from Harry Potter together with the big Harry Potter group~ We ruled totally especially because we had the most awesome Umbridge <3

At Saturday I was the Entchantess from Beauty and the Beast, most people didn't know who I was because it was a self design and not the original from the movie, but I still like it very much, even though it was troublesome sometimes xD well it happens xD I look so mad at this picture and in reality I'm all like: "Oh no I stepped on my dress oh no I'm going to fall or laugh, oh no" xD

So all in all: SVS was AWESOME!~

And it was great to have such a good weekend because two days after svs-con I was going to have a knee surgery and I was really nervous about getting the anestetic and my stomahc was really killing me because I wasn't allowed to eat anything 6 hours before the surgery >___< and it was quite warm that day so I drank some ice tee as the last things I could so I wouldn't get dizzy, it helped a bit. I was also very glad one of my team mates showed up at Uni to help me get through the lesson and cheer me up before the surgery.
As always I almost arrived late because the s-trains had problems as usual and there was a bit longer from the station to the hospital D: but I arrived 10 minutes before time and then I just waited and waited and it was so hot inside the hospital, until I arrived in some room where I had to wait for the doctors to arrive.

Aircondition worked in this room so it was chilly and nice xD
The doctor told me that if they couldn't do anything I would wake up with just a band aid on my knee otherwise I would get a don-joy (A large thing around your whole leg that will support it and make sure you won't bend your knee). I crossed my fingers that they could something. In the surgery room people were very nice to me and I fell asleep pretty fast xD the funny thing was, some seconds before I woke up I dreamt that I was together with Samie and Lavi and then suddenly Lavi is shouting that I should wake up! in the same second I woke up to find out everything is over and that I'm having the don-joy around my leg xD strange dream yes xD
Luckily the doctors could fix my damage but now I have to wear this heavy big grey thing that makes sure I won't bend my knee for 5 weeks! Well after two weeks they will do so I can bend my knee but still. 
After surgery I was driven home by my parents and I'm staying at their house right now because I really need help to some things, I can walk thanks to some (krykker) supporters? but it means that I can't bear anything with me like a plate or a glass, so I am relaxing on the couch or in the bed and looking forward to become more mobile in the next weeks and at the same time I'm also reading up on my exams xD
So this is how my left leg looks like right now, not very pretty I know xD And it is heavy as hell, but good training xD What annoys me the most is that I can't reach the points on my leg where it itches and it makes me crazy sometimes and the knee is getting cramps in the middle of the night >__< But the wounds are looking good right now so everything is going well~
Sorry that it was a very, very long journal but I just had so much to write down and tell you, hope that it wasn't too long ~

That's all from me~