lørdag den 24. december 2011

Christmas time!

 (Just to show some christmas things~ a small landscape at my house~)
So it is the 24th of December and that means chritmas eve here in Denmark!~ 
I'm going to celebrate christmas together with my parents and my brother and I'm really looking forward to hold a nice and wonderful christmas without any small kids that screams and runs around xD

Yesterday my brother and I decorated the christmas tree as we have as a tradition  and it looks so pretty right now~ My mother has a lot of decorating and especially the christmas ornaments and she gets the new ones every year xD We always need to put them on first after the light and we always get in trouble with finding space for them xD

This is one of my favorite ornaments~ One side is Denmark and the other side is the world~ I think it was made in 2000 and I WANT to hang it on the tree every year myself xD
             Say hello to the photographer xD I really couldn't help myself taking this kind of photo xD

So the next days will be full of family time with some good food and some presents 8D and then just having a good time together with my family. Even though it will be a bit weird this year because both my grandfather and grandmother passed away this year so we'll miss them, but I'm sure it will be a good christmas anyway~ 

I've also been a bit creative about some kind of prop to my Break cosplay, since I felt like something was missing on it before it was perfect and I figured out that it might be something with his left eye xD So I wanted to try to make some light that could shine and I found a way!

It turned out quite good! Even better than I expected xD So now I'll just have to find some red light so I can use it to my Break cosplay  - hopefully on a photoshoot~

That's all for now, I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!~