tirsdag den 18. december 2012

Christmas - already again?

Time really goes by fast, I just feel like it was yesterday 2012 started and now it will soon be over D:

I've been so bad a keeping up at this blog - sorry!
I thought this semester would be just a bit easier, but with three subjects that each demanded my attention most of thíme >__< but fortunately two of the subjects were really interesting - Japanese Society and The Roman Empire, well Japanese History was also good, I just couldn't deal with my teacher most of the time so I decided not to continue the spring course with her because I'll have to read up upon two German subjects and I really don't need to have my fights with the Japanese teacher too.
So hopefully next semester I'll be studying either Egyptian religion and art or Concentration camps in Poland and how they have been used in the media~ Quite interesting subjects ~

Then there was the apartment... oh hurray... it was such a dissapointment... =___= It was TOO small! I know I can't afford a big place but this was just too small, only my bed and a table, maybe a shelf or two would fit in the room and even then it would be too crowded... and my kitchen.... was a small plate right beside two closets...... not much of working space for dinner... so I quit the apartment and moved back to my uncle who luckily let me stay there - made me really happy.. but it means I still don't have my own D: but I am still searching! : D hopefully there will be something soon!

On the cosplay side... I have started on Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood 8D which means I've made try outs for the outfit and made some of the small accesories - I hope to continue on him soom, but I've had a big assignment which I just finished today plus another smaller one last week that had to be taken care off, but hopefully I'll get my free time back soon and I can make some progress on Ion and my J-popcon cosplays~
- I swear some of those details on Trinity Blood costume and mine is not even the worst!

Jaerh.. One must be crazy to start on a TB costume.. but it has been something I really wanted to make since I first saw the anime back in 2008 and I finally feel that I have the skills to make it good now~
So wish me luck with this crazy project! 8D

I promise you some christmas stuff soon~

That's all~