mandag den 10. september 2012

Ehm.. A left blog 8D

Oh yeah.. It has really been a while since I posted something here - I'M SORRY! D:
My whole summer was filled with so many things that I really didn't have the energy to write a post on my blog >__< but wow what a summer it was xD
Well... Most of it was filled with preparations for the World Cosplay Summit where Samie and I needed to make all the last things on our costumes and then of course practise our performance xD

And being in Japan - even more WOW! It was really amazing to go there and see their culture and all the things people had talked about. Even though the WCS schedule was really tight and you just felt like a monkey dancing around for the people then there were some things that just made the day~
I really like the act we had putted together but because we had to start the show early and we had to get on stage early then there was too much day light under the showed and you kind of missed the feeling of really performing and the scene light couldn't be seen at all D: not okay!

But after all the WCS stuff we headed off to Tokyo where we were at Disney Land and Disney Sea and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :DDD I felt like I was 10 years old again while walking around and seeing the light shows at the evening, because they were so amazingly beautiful and in one of the shows they used a piece of music from Fantasia which I adore SO much! ;w;
This just almost show my reaction when I heard that music piece - except from afterwards where I was almost rolling around on the ground of happiness xD

And then of course we went to Akihabara shopping! *w* So many things that I wanted to buy and so little money! But I found some good things that I HAD to buy xD
- A figurine of Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailes - which looks so awesome!
- A Gintama and Code Geass figure~
- Cosmode Magazine and an artbook from a really interest looking game xD
And some doujinshi - one with the cover drawn  by one of my favorite artists! *w*

So then we came back from Japan and just had to attend Genki-Con four days after xD and stupid as I am, I had to make a costume in three days 8D really... never again please!
Genki was really relaxing and it was great just to walk around with my friends and having a good time and it was lovely just to sit and enjoy the cosplay show - oh that stage! It was such a great stage with the light and stuff! *w*
Oh and right after my return to Denmark I got a mail from the apartment company to which I send an application some time ago and they told me they could get me a study apartment in November! Now that's what I call a wonderful message! It is about 6-8 km away from the house I'm living in right now, close to a station in some family apartment area and even though it is not that big I think it will be perfect for me, and the best thing - IT IS MY OWN PLACE :D:D:D:D

OH THE HAPPINESS! A place where I decide everything and no stupid uncle who can irritate me! Of course I've been so grateful that I could live in his houses but enough is enough and I really needed to have my own place and now I'll have it in just 1½ month *w* YAYNESS!

So that would be all right now, I know it is not that much and apologize for it D: But I promise to write some more later when I have more time~

That's all~