mandag den 12. marts 2012

Oh I can be creative sometimes!

Soooo finally I writing here again! - sorry for the long wait D:

I would have put something up earlier but when February started then too many things happened. First of all my lessons at Uni started again, this times with 5 subjects and I thought - hey it can't be that difficult I tried it at the first year.... but this time we have an exam in every subject which means the teachers just loooooves to give us assignments =___= I'm okay by having two translations every week, but then there is also some litterature and some history and we also have to remember to read all the pages for the lessons. I also failed my two written exams in January - I knew I might have failed one of them because it was so difficult but the other one surprised me a bit >__< But I got to re do them in February and I have a better feeling with them this time ^^ So I just have to wait for the results~

My parents also had their 25th wedding anniversary in February~ plus it was my dad's 60th birthday xD
I wanted to give them something they could remind them of the day and therefore made this:
A painting with their names and number 25 because of the anniversary - in Denmark we call it "Sølvbryllup" - Silver wedding and there are a lot of silver colored things at the party xD

                    We also make this kind of gate to show there is a 25th wedding anniversary xD
My brother and I also made a speech to our parents and made it so that he would start and then when finished I would stand up and begin on my part of the speech xD my parents knew we would make something but they would never have quessed that we did such a thing and they were so proud of us for standing and speaking so great and of course both of my parents held speeches of each others~

I also got some time for being a little creative, or well I am in the progress of making my svs-con costume and going to start on some WCS costume next weekend (FINALLY!) I haven't had much yet unfortunately with studying for re exams, and still keep in touch with the normal lesson and to top it being sick for a week but now I try to be ahead of my assignments so that I can get some more time to make some progress xD

I've never been the big prop maker but I have always wanted to make some horns~ like demon horns. I really think they are pretty but I also thought "how on earth am I supposed to make them?" Then the lovely Kami gave me an idea as I saw a progress picture of some horns she was making and I decided to give it a try xD So I went out to buy wire, paperclay and some glue, I already had some foam I could use xD

I started to cut out the form in foam I wanted for the horns, they have two sides glued together so that it would be more strong.

Then I made a lot of rings of wire and also wrapped some of it around the rings to streghtned it.
And yes this took a while xD But then christmas calenders are the best thing to watch while making this xD

 And then the work with the paperclay began xD and it gave a bit of trouble or truth to be told a lightbulp did. I couldn't understand how the clay could dry so fast when I was watering it all the time but then I looked at the cup og water and saw more and more small bubbles.. it was the strong light/ heat from the stupid light bulp that make it dry so fast! guuuuuarg! Stress! And I couldn't change it because it was so warm and I needed the light to see so I had to be quickly when forming the shape of the horns.

 Luckily I made it~ and here is the final result~ xD They are not totally perfect and I fear they might be a bit heavy but that can first be tested when I get some leather thread so that they can be tied to a wig xD but being a first try I think they turned out good xD And I can't wait till I try them on a wig~

So that would be all for now I guess xD I hope to have some more interesting pictures next time xD
- oh and this is what happens when you have worked with clay all day long and have a bit of leftovers xD