fredag den 29. juli 2011

Progress in Genki cosplays~

Oh god it has been a while since I last wrote here.. once more xD I'm so stupid so I forget to write something when I'm being active in the progress of making cosplays xD

Many things happened since last time I wrote here, some of my best friends finished gymnasium and became students~ I'm very happy that all of them made it and they have done so well xD it made me remember last year where I finished it too and I really wanted to wear my hat again xD
I attended two of them because those were the ones I could reach in time - my week looked like this: Monday: Malene finished her exam, Tuesday: Training + History exam at Uni (which I passed with a B!~), Wednesday: Miyuki finished her exam and I had an appointment with the doctor who operated me - just a checkup xD, Thursday: Appointment at the dentist and buying fabric for Break and Natalia, Friday: Training and sewing and the rest of the weekend was filled with sewing xD So a very busy week for me xD
Two of my lovely girls with their hats on~ <3 I'm so proud of you and also to the other who finished and which I sadly couldn't attend D:

Some ducks wanted to join in as we celebrated Malene finishing her last exams xD they were very, very close to us xD They did that too last year ~

And everyone wanted to try Zaki's hat xD Especially Lavi since she got a hat with another color xD (you look so lovely~ <3)

Then I was at the movies together with Samie, Lavi, Lolo and Alfredo from Mexico to watch the last Harry Potter movie! It was really great just to sit and talk and eat a little before going into the cinema~
I'm not going to spoil anything for people who haven't seen it but I'll just have to say it was a really great movie. It was the perfect way to end 10 years with Harry Potter. Sadly I didn't read it from its beginning but first in 8th grade after I had been seing the three first movies but after finishing the first book I was fasninated by this universe and wanted to know more so I borrow all the other books (except nr. 7 because it was out yet xD)
And of course I cried at some scenes in the movie I really couldn't help it and I also sat all excited and almost cheered in the good scenes, of course some things from the book missed and something could have been better I still love this movie~ I want to see it again! xD

But everything can't be great all the time, just two days in the holiday I was helding at my parent's place my grandmother called and told us that my grandfather had passed away due to a heartattack ;______; it really came as a shock to everyone of us because he had seemed so healthy last time we saw him. I'm fine about it right now, especially after the funeral this Tuedays where I cried under the speech held by the priest and then when they carried the coffin out and the car drove away with it. Just to watch my mother, her siblings and especially my grandmother looking so much in sorrow and devastated made me cry. But I think they will be allright after all this, right now it is just difficult to adjust mostly to my grandmoter. Also things has to be changed now that he is gone because my grandmother will be alone most of the time when my uncle starts working again and I have a feeling that I will be included into some of this. My mother mentioned that he might sell the house that I'm living in right now but nothing is sure right now and I'll have to wait until my uncle has decided something.
At the funeral I also met two of my uncles that I haven't seen for 5 and 3 years, one of them was the son of my grandfather and the other my aunt's ex husband. I also met some of my grandfather's family from Fyn who told us how much he had talked about his grandchildren and it was amazing he had lived for that long because he was told after a heart operation that he wouldn't live any longer than 60 years and he managed to live for almost 73 years so that made me really happy to hear that he had been here for longer than expected and he hadn't suffered in his last moments.
He wasn't my real grandfather but I've only seen my real one at my cousin's birthday 11 years ago and at that time I was first told after the birthday that it was my real grandfather because he and my grandmother had been divorced when my mom was young. I've always wanted to know how he was so when my mother's half sister came to visit I asked her about him and her respond was: "Well you haven't lost anything by not knowing him.." hearing this and how he didn't care that much about his family made me glad that he had been out of my life and instead I had a caring and loving grandfather - not related by blood but I've always seen him as my real because he was there for my grandmother when she was very ill and he always helped when you needed it.
Enough of these sad things and then let's get on to the subject of the title ~
After having visitors for a week and then a funeral to attend I finally got to sew on my cosplays for Genki yesterday xD I made some changes on Natalia from Tales of the Abyss because the first I sew was horrible due to stress and too little sleep and I want it to look good since I'm participating in the craftmanship (Yes it isn't a big and great costume but I've played a little with the details and challenged myself with some things)

Today my main focus was on the prop for Natalia, I'm not able to make her bow so I decided to make to arrow thing - just so that I have made a prop for her xD And I like the result very much xD even though it made me crazy some times xD The main thing is made from a round package you use to send posters in, so I clued leather around it and made a small thing on the top. I'm thinking about painting it but I'll do that at my parent's place this weekend xD

Natalia wear the arrow thing by a strap over her shoulder so I had to make a belt kind of thing.. How to do that? xD I found an old belt that I didn't use anymore.. but then.. the closing thing was silver.. and hers is of course gold D: Buuuut I found some gold spray paint from when Samie was painting the swords for our act last year that I could use xD there wasn't that much left but enough for the close - yes it doesn't look that great but it is gold and that's okay for me xD
Then at last I wanted to make some arrows because.. An empty arrow holster isn't that great xD I found so round wooden stick and made six of them,, but then again my unluck turned in.. How to attact the feathers in the end so that it would look good? D:  I tried cutting but after being dangerously close to cut myself in the leg I tried looking for some other method.. And it involved a screwdriver and a hammer ~ And it actually worked!~ I was quite surprised that it turned out good even though some of the feather was difficult to make fit to the stick xD

But now I've made the arrow holster and I hope it will work out. I have tested that I can walk around wearing it without all the arrows falling out xD So mission prop completed - except paint.. But we'll see xD
I'm also sewing on Break but I didn't take any photos of him right now because it is just one big jacket thing right now >___< I still need to rip the bottom, make the collar and sew on the buttons xD but I still have some days left until Genki~
I sit right now and sewing on my gloves for Natalia while watching Cars.. again xD I also saw it this morning xD I hope the gloves will be good while so far I can fit it~

My god a long journal - Sorry!! xD
But this was the update from my about my progress xD and what had happened since last time xD
That's all for now~