mandag den 28. november 2011

Memories and up coming christmas

So last post was about my progress in my J-popcon stage costume xD and now it is about 3-4 weeks since Samie and I performed on stage and was chosen as Team Denmark 2012!~ We were so surprised and couldn't believe it! But we are very happy about getting this chance and we will make sure to show danish cosplay and make people proud of us~ 
The last weeks have been full of some stress from my school since we had an deadline about some material for a product and the teacher we needed some help from was sick and didn't answer our mail except when he cancelled our first sketch 5 days before deadline and then the night before the deadline... seriously... that sucks... >___< but luckily my group managed to reach the deadline and now we'll just have to make our product and write a report...

But now to something more fun~ 
For long I've wanted to get some frames for all the photos I printed this summer of my friends and finally I found some in Tiger and they were so cheap!

I like this so much! I really like the idea of the design and then the photos I chose mean a lot to me~ It is pictures of some of my precious friends and contains very dear memories to me, especially the group photo because it was to a friend who had to go on holiday for 2-3 weeks and the one where Samie and I hug Karina after she told us we were Team Denmark 2012. Also the picture with out lovely judge and now friend Bell from Germany~ <3
Also a wonderful memory from my study trip to Berlin in 2009~ I've had a very bad experience some months earlier in Germany and this girl who was my host sister made my trip so great! She was so sweet and always made sure that I was entertained and she even made me a memory box with pictures from my trip~
And to the left is the only present I won at a family christmas party thing xD
Yes I suck at games but it is kind of cute~
And this a gift from my mother since the girls in my mother's family give each others gift at Christmas and Easter xD I think it looks so adorable! I'm looking forward to taste it when it get more cold and snowy~

But that's all for now~