fredag den 27. januar 2012

London - Oh yeah~

So here I am again!~ After a January that until now has been full of studying, exams, stress but also a trip to London which this post will be about xD

I was going together with Samie, Barbara, Bára and Sasha~ Already before leaving we knew it would be a trip full of nerdyness with Doctor Who and some BBC Sherlock xD and wow what a trip! Everything went so smooth, there were no big problems and all the things we were attending were worth the money xD
The hotel was really cool, it lie near a bus stop and not far away from a underground station or supermarkets xD It was close to Kensington High Street and the people there were so friendly and gave us tea and wine in the twin's birthday! xD

Some of the things we saw was London Dungeons - which is an amazing place xD We were a bit unsure in the beginning because the first actor wasn't that great and we hoped that the next would be better and boy they were xD they did such a good job and really played their roles so good~ Especially the torture chamber guy, the two in the court and the inn keeper - that place was really scary and Samie and I clinged onto each others because we got scared xD

We also went with the Ghost Bus Tour which is an old funeral bus that drives around in London and a guide tells you about some of the dark histories of London + ghost xD as a history nerd I sat like: Woooow, tell some more ~ xD he was really good at his job xD

Then of course we went to the Doctor Who Experience that was a perfect place for DW fans like us xD the experience was with the 11th doctor and I haven't seen the episodes with him yet but the tour made me really curious about the new doctor and now I want to watch the episodes! xD

We also bought a lot of things - or the others bought a lot compared to me but here is the things I got:
                    Not that much compared to the others but I still bought something at least xD
I bought "The King's Speech" because I really like how the cover looks compared to the danish edition and then of course it is a great movie, Colin Firth = <3 in that movie~ The other dvd is the anime of Devil May Cry and it was on sale for £5! I HAD to buy it ~ xD Oh and I also bought a TARDIS keychain ~

I really wanted a Doctor Who t-shirt but I didn't like most of the prints until I saw this one at the Doctor Who experience and I was sold xD It looks so pretty and I can't wait to wear it!

A necklace and some earrings I found in a shop in the airport on my way home xD They were on sale and without taxes so they only costed me about £8 ~ There were so many pretty things in that shop! But it were those who caught my eye~ and yes they are lying on a Disney Store box~ it was filled with those red Mickey heads you can see to the left of the earrings xD and the box contained this:
A nightmare before christmas cup!~ I saw this in the danish Disney Store and I really like the design and then I saw it was cheaper in London and then I just had to buy it!~ Now I have to make tea og hot chocolate soon so that I can use it~
The rest of the things are some things for my parents and my brother xD not that exciting xD

Oh I also tried to fly alone since I had to go home two days earlier than the others because of an exam and everything went well~ I was only nervous when the plane was moving too much but flying over Denmark by night and see all the lights and one of our big bridges was so fantastic! xD I actually think I saw my home town but I'm not sure xD

That would be all for now, I'll soon post some pictures of my project with making horns xD

See you~