tirsdag den 11. oktober 2011

J-popcon closing in

Hello again and sorry that it has been some time since I wrote something on this blog >__< there has been too many things with the family, had to move suddenly and the school starting again but now I can finally show you some of the progress on my J-popcon cosplay!~
I'm only making one costume this year because.. It is very detailed and there's some things I've never done before - you got to learn something new day, right? xD
The cosplay is for the competition in the cosplay show together with Samie~ (Big surprise xD) And my cosplay is going to be:
Tadaaaa~ this costume.. and yeah.. kind of detailed and I got the same feeling as Samie that I wasn't that happy at first because people would then expect too much of me but with under a month left I guess I can show you some of the progress xD

This is the upper sleeve in its beginning xD I got the stripes on but as usual I hadn't enough of the fabric for the stripes.. so the sleeves are waiting a bit until I get some more fabric xD tomorrow..

These are the blondes on the end of the sleeves and I think they look so awesome~ I'm really glad about how they turned out~ and I look forward to see how the whole sleeve is going to turn out xD
Right now I'm working on the outside skirt and in the next days also finish the black skirt ~
Soon it will be holiday and the program is about sewing, training and having fun together with my friends~ I look forward to this friday when my holiday starts xD

That's all for now - I'll get back later this month with some more pictures (hopefully)
See you~