tirsdag den 18. december 2012

Christmas - already again?

Time really goes by fast, I just feel like it was yesterday 2012 started and now it will soon be over D:

I've been so bad a keeping up at this blog - sorry!
I thought this semester would be just a bit easier, but with three subjects that each demanded my attention most of thíme >__< but fortunately two of the subjects were really interesting - Japanese Society and The Roman Empire, well Japanese History was also good, I just couldn't deal with my teacher most of the time so I decided not to continue the spring course with her because I'll have to read up upon two German subjects and I really don't need to have my fights with the Japanese teacher too.
So hopefully next semester I'll be studying either Egyptian religion and art or Concentration camps in Poland and how they have been used in the media~ Quite interesting subjects ~

Then there was the apartment... oh hurray... it was such a dissapointment... =___= It was TOO small! I know I can't afford a big place but this was just too small, only my bed and a table, maybe a shelf or two would fit in the room and even then it would be too crowded... and my kitchen.... was a small plate right beside two closets...... not much of working space for dinner... so I quit the apartment and moved back to my uncle who luckily let me stay there - made me really happy.. but it means I still don't have my own D: but I am still searching! : D hopefully there will be something soon!

On the cosplay side... I have started on Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood 8D which means I've made try outs for the outfit and made some of the small accesories - I hope to continue on him soom, but I've had a big assignment which I just finished today plus another smaller one last week that had to be taken care off, but hopefully I'll get my free time back soon and I can make some progress on Ion and my J-popcon cosplays~
- I swear some of those details on Trinity Blood costume and mine is not even the worst!

Jaerh.. One must be crazy to start on a TB costume.. but it has been something I really wanted to make since I first saw the anime back in 2008 and I finally feel that I have the skills to make it good now~
So wish me luck with this crazy project! 8D

I promise you some christmas stuff soon~

That's all~

mandag den 10. september 2012

Ehm.. A left blog 8D

Oh yeah.. It has really been a while since I posted something here - I'M SORRY! D:
My whole summer was filled with so many things that I really didn't have the energy to write a post on my blog >__< but wow what a summer it was xD
Well... Most of it was filled with preparations for the World Cosplay Summit where Samie and I needed to make all the last things on our costumes and then of course practise our performance xD

And being in Japan - even more WOW! It was really amazing to go there and see their culture and all the things people had talked about. Even though the WCS schedule was really tight and you just felt like a monkey dancing around for the people then there were some things that just made the day~
I really like the act we had putted together but because we had to start the show early and we had to get on stage early then there was too much day light under the showed and you kind of missed the feeling of really performing and the scene light couldn't be seen at all D: not okay!

But after all the WCS stuff we headed off to Tokyo where we were at Disney Land and Disney Sea and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :DDD I felt like I was 10 years old again while walking around and seeing the light shows at the evening, because they were so amazingly beautiful and in one of the shows they used a piece of music from Fantasia which I adore SO much! ;w;
This just almost show my reaction when I heard that music piece - except from afterwards where I was almost rolling around on the ground of happiness xD

And then of course we went to Akihabara shopping! *w* So many things that I wanted to buy and so little money! But I found some good things that I HAD to buy xD
- A figurine of Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailes - which looks so awesome!
- A Gintama and Code Geass figure~
- Cosmode Magazine and an artbook from a really interest looking game xD
And some doujinshi - one with the cover drawn  by one of my favorite artists! *w*

So then we came back from Japan and just had to attend Genki-Con four days after xD and stupid as I am, I had to make a costume in three days 8D really... never again please!
Genki was really relaxing and it was great just to walk around with my friends and having a good time and it was lovely just to sit and enjoy the cosplay show - oh that stage! It was such a great stage with the light and stuff! *w*
Oh and right after my return to Denmark I got a mail from the apartment company to which I send an application some time ago and they told me they could get me a study apartment in November! Now that's what I call a wonderful message! It is about 6-8 km away from the house I'm living in right now, close to a station in some family apartment area and even though it is not that big I think it will be perfect for me, and the best thing - IT IS MY OWN PLACE :D:D:D:D

OH THE HAPPINESS! A place where I decide everything and no stupid uncle who can irritate me! Of course I've been so grateful that I could live in his houses but enough is enough and I really needed to have my own place and now I'll have it in just 1½ month *w* YAYNESS!

So that would be all right now, I know it is not that much and apologize for it D: But I promise to write some more later when I have more time~

That's all~

mandag den 11. juni 2012

Come on summer!

Okay, so now we are in the first summer month and so far it has been a really typical "danish summer weather" - which means a lot of rain... xD Or in the end of May it was really warm and that was really good because I've missed the good weather but when you are locked by your computer to write a huge history assignment and your room is like an oven because it is placed so the sun shines there most of the day then very warm weather is a bad thing!

And here is my working place for those days xD I apologize for the mess but this is how my room looks like when I'm studying! xD As you can see I'm surrounded by books, both dictionaries (Had to write it in German!)
and my notebook where I've wrote the most important things from the books I've been reading and could be used in the assignment. and my lovely Nightmare before Christmas cup~ oh it saved me so much that I could have some water by my side in that heath xD

And this is the sight I had from my working place xD not bad, but very distracting because you can see most of the airplanes flying around to or from the airport in Copenhagen xD

But luckily I finished the assignment had on the same day I turned that in I got a translation exam I could make at my house xD - I don't mind that xD

I've also tried to sort of what I'm going to do for the next year in my study while I after the summer vacation has selective subjects which means I can study another subject beside German, or go to another country and study there or just another danish university xD But I decided to stay here and chose a history theme and some japanese culture and history courses, so now I just have to wait and see if I can get a seat there xD

And then of course I have reading holiday and I used the last week to study up upon a theoretical exam, which I attened today.... and gosh... I hate theoratical grammatics! D< There are so many things you have to remember and I wasn't even sure about how we should do at the exam D:

One of the girls from the class put this picture on our forum and everyone thought it really showed how much our brains are working when we are studying for the exams xD

I'm also going to try to look for some youth apartment in the area, because I'm really getting tired of not living alone, I'm thankful that my uncle lets me live in his house but there have just been some things that have done I now I really need to get out and have my own place. I want to be able to make arangements with my friends without having to control 117 things together with my uncle and lately he has really been irritating, because I don't write everything single time I'm going somewhere despite that I told him the arrangement two days ago =____= and then there is just his talking to me like: "I'm not happy about this, you should know better... bla bla bla..." ... Seriously.. I'm not a child anymore... I couldn't even be in the house (which is fairly big) with two friends while he had a visit.... I really couldn't see the problem if we were just upstairs because the house is so big but no... he had to be irritated at me for not telling him (which I actually did). =__=

So I really hope I can find something where I won't have to wait for too long o:
Sorry for the frustration rage, just had to let it out D:

I don't know when I'll write a post again because I'm focusing on costumes and reading up till my last exam the rest of this month xD so more studying = Study + dying to me xD

tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Past SVS-Con~

My god I really need to be better to write something here on my blog D: But the last things I've been working on is either some WCS-related stuff or something I couldn't show before svs-con, but now the convention is over and I can finally show some little progress pictures of my Twisted Minnie cosplay xD
Buuuuut first some about svs-con: This is the convention I find most relaxing and you just have som fun time I was going to cosplay Foxface from Hunger Games but my wig wasn't so great so I decided just to use my own hair xD Samie, Bára and Barbara was cosplaying as Katniss, Peeta and Effie and they were so great~
And then I was also excited to see the Elfquest group where Lavi, Bine, Lea and Kristine was cosplaying some of the wolfriders.. my god.. I read the comics when I was little and had re-read it a couple of times when I got older and I still love them so much and it was so fantastic to see my friends cosplaying these characters!! And they did it so well!

Then it was Saturday and preparations for the cosplayshow xD This time we were a group cosplaying Twisted Disney Princesses in designs from this amazing artist on dA: http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/ ~
And the girls looked so perfect as the twisted girls, Samie with her burn wounds, Sørine with her eye, Abena with her armor and Lavi with her Leopard head and blood *w* I was so happy to be on stage with them~
I was cosplaying a Twisted Minnie in a self design by Samie and had the role of the evil queen xD
It was so amazing just to walk around the convention and hear people's reactions and after we performed everyone was so stunned by the act  ~
Then it was time for the awards and I was so happy to see Lea and Bine win "Best Craft" with their Howl's Moving Castles costumes, and their act.. I was so touched at how they acted and the story ;w;
Also, Karina won the danish qualification for Eurocosplay and that made me so happy because I know how much she has been working with her costume and her act and it just went so well!
Our group won both "Best Act" and "Crowds Favorite" and I'm so happy about the last prize because it is the audience who chose the winner there and it felt so wonderful to know that they really liked the act and we even did the act twice! xD

Sunday was relaxing with some Uta no Prince cosplays, my wig came just in time but it needs to have some more styling before it looks great xD But this years svs-con was just as amazing, if not even better as last years!

So I have one progress picture that I want to show - the others aren't that great xD

This is the finished result of my Minnie shoes, stupid me for not taking some earlier but I'm actually proud of them because they turned out good xD
I just bought some shoes with a little heel and then used foam to make the shoes wider by sewing it to the sides. Then the shoes were coated with fabric and I stuffed some of the places with cotton so that the foam wouldn't be so visible. And as a final touch I made some small bows xD

So I guess that would be it for now, I hope to write some more of what I'm doing so that it won't be two months again before I write a post here xD

That's all~

mandag den 12. marts 2012

Oh I can be creative sometimes!

Soooo finally I writing here again! - sorry for the long wait D:

I would have put something up earlier but when February started then too many things happened. First of all my lessons at Uni started again, this times with 5 subjects and I thought - hey it can't be that difficult I tried it at the first year.... but this time we have an exam in every subject which means the teachers just loooooves to give us assignments =___= I'm okay by having two translations every week, but then there is also some litterature and some history and we also have to remember to read all the pages for the lessons. I also failed my two written exams in January - I knew I might have failed one of them because it was so difficult but the other one surprised me a bit >__< But I got to re do them in February and I have a better feeling with them this time ^^ So I just have to wait for the results~

My parents also had their 25th wedding anniversary in February~ plus it was my dad's 60th birthday xD
I wanted to give them something they could remind them of the day and therefore made this:
A painting with their names and number 25 because of the anniversary - in Denmark we call it "Sølvbryllup" - Silver wedding and there are a lot of silver colored things at the party xD

                    We also make this kind of gate to show there is a 25th wedding anniversary xD
My brother and I also made a speech to our parents and made it so that he would start and then when finished I would stand up and begin on my part of the speech xD my parents knew we would make something but they would never have quessed that we did such a thing and they were so proud of us for standing and speaking so great and of course both of my parents held speeches of each others~

I also got some time for being a little creative, or well I am in the progress of making my svs-con costume and going to start on some WCS costume next weekend (FINALLY!) I haven't had much yet unfortunately with studying for re exams, and still keep in touch with the normal lesson and to top it being sick for a week but now I try to be ahead of my assignments so that I can get some more time to make some progress xD

I've never been the big prop maker but I have always wanted to make some horns~ like demon horns. I really think they are pretty but I also thought "how on earth am I supposed to make them?" Then the lovely Kami gave me an idea as I saw a progress picture of some horns she was making and I decided to give it a try xD So I went out to buy wire, paperclay and some glue, I already had some foam I could use xD

I started to cut out the form in foam I wanted for the horns, they have two sides glued together so that it would be more strong.

Then I made a lot of rings of wire and also wrapped some of it around the rings to streghtned it.
And yes this took a while xD But then christmas calenders are the best thing to watch while making this xD

 And then the work with the paperclay began xD and it gave a bit of trouble or truth to be told a lightbulp did. I couldn't understand how the clay could dry so fast when I was watering it all the time but then I looked at the cup og water and saw more and more small bubbles.. it was the strong light/ heat from the stupid light bulp that make it dry so fast! guuuuuarg! Stress! And I couldn't change it because it was so warm and I needed the light to see so I had to be quickly when forming the shape of the horns.

 Luckily I made it~ and here is the final result~ xD They are not totally perfect and I fear they might be a bit heavy but that can first be tested when I get some leather thread so that they can be tied to a wig xD but being a first try I think they turned out good xD And I can't wait till I try them on a wig~

So that would be all for now I guess xD I hope to have some more interesting pictures next time xD
- oh and this is what happens when you have worked with clay all day long and have a bit of leftovers xD

fredag den 27. januar 2012

London - Oh yeah~

So here I am again!~ After a January that until now has been full of studying, exams, stress but also a trip to London which this post will be about xD

I was going together with Samie, Barbara, Bára and Sasha~ Already before leaving we knew it would be a trip full of nerdyness with Doctor Who and some BBC Sherlock xD and wow what a trip! Everything went so smooth, there were no big problems and all the things we were attending were worth the money xD
The hotel was really cool, it lie near a bus stop and not far away from a underground station or supermarkets xD It was close to Kensington High Street and the people there were so friendly and gave us tea and wine in the twin's birthday! xD

Some of the things we saw was London Dungeons - which is an amazing place xD We were a bit unsure in the beginning because the first actor wasn't that great and we hoped that the next would be better and boy they were xD they did such a good job and really played their roles so good~ Especially the torture chamber guy, the two in the court and the inn keeper - that place was really scary and Samie and I clinged onto each others because we got scared xD

We also went with the Ghost Bus Tour which is an old funeral bus that drives around in London and a guide tells you about some of the dark histories of London + ghost xD as a history nerd I sat like: Woooow, tell some more ~ xD he was really good at his job xD

Then of course we went to the Doctor Who Experience that was a perfect place for DW fans like us xD the experience was with the 11th doctor and I haven't seen the episodes with him yet but the tour made me really curious about the new doctor and now I want to watch the episodes! xD

We also bought a lot of things - or the others bought a lot compared to me but here is the things I got:
                    Not that much compared to the others but I still bought something at least xD
I bought "The King's Speech" because I really like how the cover looks compared to the danish edition and then of course it is a great movie, Colin Firth = <3 in that movie~ The other dvd is the anime of Devil May Cry and it was on sale for £5! I HAD to buy it ~ xD Oh and I also bought a TARDIS keychain ~

I really wanted a Doctor Who t-shirt but I didn't like most of the prints until I saw this one at the Doctor Who experience and I was sold xD It looks so pretty and I can't wait to wear it!

A necklace and some earrings I found in a shop in the airport on my way home xD They were on sale and without taxes so they only costed me about £8 ~ There were so many pretty things in that shop! But it were those who caught my eye~ and yes they are lying on a Disney Store box~ it was filled with those red Mickey heads you can see to the left of the earrings xD and the box contained this:
A nightmare before christmas cup!~ I saw this in the danish Disney Store and I really like the design and then I saw it was cheaper in London and then I just had to buy it!~ Now I have to make tea og hot chocolate soon so that I can use it~
The rest of the things are some things for my parents and my brother xD not that exciting xD

Oh I also tried to fly alone since I had to go home two days earlier than the others because of an exam and everything went well~ I was only nervous when the plane was moving too much but flying over Denmark by night and see all the lights and one of our big bridges was so fantastic! xD I actually think I saw my home town but I'm not sure xD

That would be all for now, I'll soon post some pictures of my project with making horns xD

See you~

lørdag den 24. december 2011

Christmas time!

 (Just to show some christmas things~ a small landscape at my house~)
So it is the 24th of December and that means chritmas eve here in Denmark!~ 
I'm going to celebrate christmas together with my parents and my brother and I'm really looking forward to hold a nice and wonderful christmas without any small kids that screams and runs around xD

Yesterday my brother and I decorated the christmas tree as we have as a tradition  and it looks so pretty right now~ My mother has a lot of decorating and especially the christmas ornaments and she gets the new ones every year xD We always need to put them on first after the light and we always get in trouble with finding space for them xD

This is one of my favorite ornaments~ One side is Denmark and the other side is the world~ I think it was made in 2000 and I WANT to hang it on the tree every year myself xD
             Say hello to the photographer xD I really couldn't help myself taking this kind of photo xD

So the next days will be full of family time with some good food and some presents 8D and then just having a good time together with my family. Even though it will be a bit weird this year because both my grandfather and grandmother passed away this year so we'll miss them, but I'm sure it will be a good christmas anyway~ 

I've also been a bit creative about some kind of prop to my Break cosplay, since I felt like something was missing on it before it was perfect and I figured out that it might be something with his left eye xD So I wanted to try to make some light that could shine and I found a way!

It turned out quite good! Even better than I expected xD So now I'll just have to find some red light so I can use it to my Break cosplay  - hopefully on a photoshoot~

That's all for now, I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!~