lørdag den 11. juni 2011

Exams, training and cosplay!

So here I am again~  xD And in only 3 days I'll get that heavy bandage of my leg and I am really looking forward to get it off xD Thursday when I was training with the physiotherapist she said I could get ot off some minutes and just walk around... I must say.. It was wonderful! My legs was so light, of course it wasn't that easy to walk but it felt good without the heavy weight xD

Oh and then there was these two days with a lot of rain and thunder! xD I can't help but sit outside and just listen to the thunder and smell the fresh air, cleansed from the rain (I'm allergic to grass so after some very hot days it is great with a lot of rain to clear it out xD).
I took this photo of the thunder coming closer.
Looks kind of cool xD and some minutes later hell broke loss with a lot of rain and one of my windows shaking because of the pressure from a lightning o__o

Yesterday I finished my written exams and it has been terrible, not the exam itself but reading all the stuff the whole week was hard for my brain even though I took some breaks >___<
First there was the phonetic exam (about sounds and how they are spoken) the subject was one of the most difficult ones and I know I have some errors, but I made it through it and went home to read aboout 80 pages about lingvistic... something I still struggle to find the meaning with... I really don't understand it... But I read all Thursday till..... very late o'clock and then also in the train on my way to school.
But the subject was quite okay and the questions in the text was something I could answer very well ^^ so I hope that I'll pass both of them. Now I only have the oral history exam left and then it is summer holiday! xD well I still have to read alot before the exam but I'm not so nervous about that because it is history and the teacher is kind ^^

And all this time off at home made so I could work a bit on a cosplay that had been put away for some time - my Spain pirate jacket! xD I had some troubles finding out how to make the gold things on the front but finally I found the solution!

Here are all the stripes I sew on, there are about 32 of them! xD

And here is the final result after some time containing swearing, needles in my fingers and glue on my fingers.
I like how it turned out even though it is not totally perfect but I like as it is right now xD
Now I only need to finish the collar and something on the sleeves and then it is done~
It has taking some time considering I started the project in August last year xD but there has been many others things that needed to be done and then if I had time I didn't know what to do D:
But now it is almost over.

So that's all from me~ xD Hope it wasn't that boring xD
See you~