onsdag den 13. april 2011

First blog and cosplay progress ~

So this is my first blog! Yay xD
This blog will be about mostly my cosplay of course - the progress and some pictures maybe xD But it will also be about some of my everyday life (Not that it is that exciting xD but still)

So the last weekends I've been working together with Samie 
http://samietheturtle.deviantart.com/ on our costumes to svs-con - Beauty and the Beast ~
I'm going to be the fairy/witch and I'm almost done with the dress now~ Still miss some small things but this is how it look so far:

It is a dress I've borrowed from Samie~ Thank you so much dear and then I' sew some shinning fabric under the first layer of the dress.

And to add some from the Beauty and the Beast we decided to sew on small red roses on the skirt - because there is a rose in the B&B, okay? xD

The sleeves aren't quite finished but we'll soon find out what to do with them xD The fabric is some kind of organza I think it is called and it looks so awesome~ but a hell to sew D:

I'm really looking forward to see the result of this dress~

Then I'm also working on Hermione from Harry Potter but since you can't find that special kind of fabric their shirts are made of I decided to buy one in H&M and what a mess it was >__< last Friday I spent about 30-40 minutes in one store to find one that looked right and wasn't too expensive... In the end I gave up and went on because I had an arrangement in an hour and I needed to go somewhere else too o:
But then yesterday I went in to the store that lies in Waves in Hundige and I found the perfect perfect shirt~ and it was less expensive than the one I saw in Copenhagen!~
Then there was the problem about her skirt.. well what can I say... H&M just hates me right now.. So I bought some jersey fabric to sew a skirt and I was a bit nervous about the outcome but today when I had the day off from the studies I wanted to give it a try xD and it turned out quite well~

Yeah I'm looking kind of stupid xD that's what you get on your days off and you are too lazy xD But I really like this skirt xD

I might use it to non-cosplay thing because it looks good, has the right lenght and isn't kind of irritating when I'm wearing it xD

Too bad I didn't make any pockets in it - but on the other hand.. there were no pockets on the picture I looked after so.. well xD

So the only thing I'm missing on this costume is the tie of course xD But I'm going to buy it in the next couple of days.

And in two days I got easter holidays~ xD

And there I will again be creative together with Samie, the twins and Lavi~ I'm really lookign forward to see you again <3
I'm also going to attend a meet up with my old group from middle school (folkeskolen - I don't know xD)

Some of them I haven't been seeing for almost two years so it will be great to see them again and have some fun time together xD
But easter won't be all about having fun and being creative >__<
I'm also going to work on two assignment from the study - one about closing sounds in phonetic  and then a excercise in lingvistic. And to make things worse I have to write this assignment in Literature about one of the novels we've read >__<
But that is first in Mai. I've chosen to write about "Nothing new on the West Front" or "Im Westen nichts neues" By Erich Remarque 1. because I think it is a great story. 2. I told about some points in the book together with two awesome people from my class so we have a little background information and that might help us a little.

I'll cross my fingers and hope that everything will go well~
(and sorry for the bad grapic work here... I suck at doing those things so the design will be very boring .___.)

So that will be all for now~ I hope you guys like the blog xD

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