mandag den 11. juni 2012

Come on summer!

Okay, so now we are in the first summer month and so far it has been a really typical "danish summer weather" - which means a lot of rain... xD Or in the end of May it was really warm and that was really good because I've missed the good weather but when you are locked by your computer to write a huge history assignment and your room is like an oven because it is placed so the sun shines there most of the day then very warm weather is a bad thing!

And here is my working place for those days xD I apologize for the mess but this is how my room looks like when I'm studying! xD As you can see I'm surrounded by books, both dictionaries (Had to write it in German!)
and my notebook where I've wrote the most important things from the books I've been reading and could be used in the assignment. and my lovely Nightmare before Christmas cup~ oh it saved me so much that I could have some water by my side in that heath xD

And this is the sight I had from my working place xD not bad, but very distracting because you can see most of the airplanes flying around to or from the airport in Copenhagen xD

But luckily I finished the assignment had on the same day I turned that in I got a translation exam I could make at my house xD - I don't mind that xD

I've also tried to sort of what I'm going to do for the next year in my study while I after the summer vacation has selective subjects which means I can study another subject beside German, or go to another country and study there or just another danish university xD But I decided to stay here and chose a history theme and some japanese culture and history courses, so now I just have to wait and see if I can get a seat there xD

And then of course I have reading holiday and I used the last week to study up upon a theoretical exam, which I attened today.... and gosh... I hate theoratical grammatics! D< There are so many things you have to remember and I wasn't even sure about how we should do at the exam D:

One of the girls from the class put this picture on our forum and everyone thought it really showed how much our brains are working when we are studying for the exams xD

I'm also going to try to look for some youth apartment in the area, because I'm really getting tired of not living alone, I'm thankful that my uncle lets me live in his house but there have just been some things that have done I now I really need to get out and have my own place. I want to be able to make arangements with my friends without having to control 117 things together with my uncle and lately he has really been irritating, because I don't write everything single time I'm going somewhere despite that I told him the arrangement two days ago =____= and then there is just his talking to me like: "I'm not happy about this, you should know better... bla bla bla..." ... Seriously.. I'm not a child anymore... I couldn't even be in the house (which is fairly big) with two friends while he had a visit.... I really couldn't see the problem if we were just upstairs because the house is so big but no... he had to be irritated at me for not telling him (which I actually did). =__=

So I really hope I can find something where I won't have to wait for too long o:
Sorry for the frustration rage, just had to let it out D:

I don't know when I'll write a post again because I'm focusing on costumes and reading up till my last exam the rest of this month xD so more studying = Study + dying to me xD

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  1. I really hope you'll get your own place soon! What he did was a just not cool!!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you <3