tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Past SVS-Con~

My god I really need to be better to write something here on my blog D: But the last things I've been working on is either some WCS-related stuff or something I couldn't show before svs-con, but now the convention is over and I can finally show some little progress pictures of my Twisted Minnie cosplay xD
Buuuuut first some about svs-con: This is the convention I find most relaxing and you just have som fun time I was going to cosplay Foxface from Hunger Games but my wig wasn't so great so I decided just to use my own hair xD Samie, Bára and Barbara was cosplaying as Katniss, Peeta and Effie and they were so great~
And then I was also excited to see the Elfquest group where Lavi, Bine, Lea and Kristine was cosplaying some of the wolfriders.. my god.. I read the comics when I was little and had re-read it a couple of times when I got older and I still love them so much and it was so fantastic to see my friends cosplaying these characters!! And they did it so well!

Then it was Saturday and preparations for the cosplayshow xD This time we were a group cosplaying Twisted Disney Princesses in designs from this amazing artist on dA: http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/ ~
And the girls looked so perfect as the twisted girls, Samie with her burn wounds, Sørine with her eye, Abena with her armor and Lavi with her Leopard head and blood *w* I was so happy to be on stage with them~
I was cosplaying a Twisted Minnie in a self design by Samie and had the role of the evil queen xD
It was so amazing just to walk around the convention and hear people's reactions and after we performed everyone was so stunned by the act  ~
Then it was time for the awards and I was so happy to see Lea and Bine win "Best Craft" with their Howl's Moving Castles costumes, and their act.. I was so touched at how they acted and the story ;w;
Also, Karina won the danish qualification for Eurocosplay and that made me so happy because I know how much she has been working with her costume and her act and it just went so well!
Our group won both "Best Act" and "Crowds Favorite" and I'm so happy about the last prize because it is the audience who chose the winner there and it felt so wonderful to know that they really liked the act and we even did the act twice! xD

Sunday was relaxing with some Uta no Prince cosplays, my wig came just in time but it needs to have some more styling before it looks great xD But this years svs-con was just as amazing, if not even better as last years!

So I have one progress picture that I want to show - the others aren't that great xD

This is the finished result of my Minnie shoes, stupid me for not taking some earlier but I'm actually proud of them because they turned out good xD
I just bought some shoes with a little heel and then used foam to make the shoes wider by sewing it to the sides. Then the shoes were coated with fabric and I stuffed some of the places with cotton so that the foam wouldn't be so visible. And as a final touch I made some small bows xD

So I guess that would be it for now, I hope to write some more of what I'm doing so that it won't be two months again before I write a post here xD

That's all~

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  1. Aaaaaah, jeg er nævnt i din blog :'D E-fame, come to me!!
    Jeg er så glad for at du var vilde med vores kostumer! Det betyder altid rigtig meget når nogen kan lide noget man har kommet så meget tid og energi i <3
    Jeg ELSKEDE jers act, hvilket jeg allerede har sagt en million gange.
    og ja, du burde opdatere din blog mere ;D

    1. Totally fame! Ej jeg blev så glad for at I cosplayede dem *w* har en veninde der er lige så vild med Elverfolket som jeg og kan ikke vente til jeg møder hende og fortælle om jer!

      Taaaaak~ jeg er så glad for at folk kunne lide det ;w;

      Jeg ved det, jeg skammer mig xD